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Pets are such an important part of our lives and I think that most of us pet lovers see them as a just one of our family! That is why we are so concerned when we have to leave them behind.

* At this present time we do not offer Over-Night Homesitting.

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Bring quality pet services to the greater Kingston area.

Hi! I'm Brian Knapp.

I am a father of six children. I play guitar, dabble in keyboards, sing and like to keep active canoeing, biking, swimming, walking, hiking, doing yoga and working out.

Animals have always been my passion.

I love animals and I love to connect with people who feel the same way. I look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Ever since I was a little child, I have always been sensitive. I was also very concerned about animals. I loved dogs for their loyalty and comradeship. Once when I had a dog follow my family home from a walk, I was very upset that we had to talk to it in a stern voice to try and make it go home! I was upset that we have to leave the dog outside, when I really wanted to take it home to live with us. I was very upset to see any animals on the side of the road. If there ever was a chance to help an animal, I would be there! As an adult, I still like to help animals if I can. I have regularly taken hurt animals to Sandy Pines or have taken stray animals to the Kingston Humane Society I have helped rabbits get out of chicken wire and have helped turtles cross the road. Sometimes I am so busy doing this that it feels like a full time job!

This business was started back in 1989, the first of its kind in Kingston. There were kennels, but we felt that there was a better choice! We were worried about our beloved family members getting airborne diseases and parasites if we had to leave them in a kennel or vet clinic. We also knew that they would likely be stressed in a loud, unfamiliar surroundings. Petmate Homesitting has been trusted as Kingston's favourite pet sitting company since 1989. We are the company that pet owners turn to when they need a reliable pet sitter or dog walking service. Petmate Homesitting is used by Kingston area veterinarians. We aim to meet or exceed your pet sitting expectations! We personalize our service for each client to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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Our Services

Petmate Homesitting is fully insured

We love what we do and no two pets are the same. Petmate Homesitting provides reliable services that are customized to each clients individual requirements.

By leaving your pet at home, you also get any or all of these homes sitting services FREE as well!

  • Mail, parcel* and newspaper pickup.
  • Plant watering*
  • Home Security Check (check for heat, electricity, water issues, etc.)
  • Flower bed and plant watering *
  • Garbage, blue box, & compost service*
  • Lights and blind altering
  • Airing out home
  • Tend to dehumidifiers and humidifiers

*when time allows. Only light parcels will be brought in & must be at the door. One bag per garbage per client per week. Shovels are to be provided for snow removal. Time must be allocated to snow removal.

We provide professional pet sitting and walking service at your home while on vacation, business trip or even a long weekend. We specialize in cats but also take care of small animals like birds, fish, hamsters and bunnies. Our pet sitting service is offered in the Kingston area and parts of South Frontenac including Seeleys Bay, Brewers Mills and Sunbury.


We understand that it may not be easy for you to part with your preferred animal so we best care you would wish for. Unlike pet hotels or lodging at your vet, your preferred animal is going to stay in the comfort of your home, in a familiar environment, not closed in a cage and exposed to possible illness or parasites from other animals. In such establishments your pet will have to deal with other dogs, cats, or noisy people adding on stress on top of being moved away from a familiar environment.

We offer also pet walking services with all the adventure, socialization, mental and physical exertion needed to keep them happy and balanced.

Daily mid-day visits help maintain a housebreaking schedule for puppies. Proper house breaking requires a consistent schedule of bathroom breaks for your puppy.  Crate trained puppies need to get out every 3-4 hours for proper training and socialization. Petmate will make daily visits while you are at work. Not only is your puppy's schedule kept consistent, but he/she will also be socialized with someone other than the owner.  We are happy to teach your puppy or reinforce their training. When you are in need of a puppy sitter, give Petmate Homesitting a call!  We will treat your puppy right!


Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave Sophie. She was so happy to see us when we came in the door. His tail was just wagging! For the last 2 days she has been sitting by the front window looking to see if you are coming. It is so reassuring that she liked you so much. We will call you again in December for our Christmas holidays. Many Thanks, Suzie Wilson and Sophie

We got a tail waggin welcome when we got home. Thank you! We have never been happier with a pet sitting service and you know we have tried other local pet sitting companies. Thank you!

I could not be happier with the pet sitting that i have gotten from Petmate and Brian. After I had bad experiences with the other pet sitting service in Kingston, I was nervous about trying another. Thankfully, these worries were put to rest after I had my first talk with Brian. He was extremely thorough and immediately put my mind at ease. I knew my cat was in good hands. When I had to travel on short notice, Brian was always there and has proven to be incredibly dependable. Everyday I would get several pictures and a unique note talking about what my cat did that day. The notes were especially great because they would describe the behaviour of my cat to the tee! She is rather difficult to deal with but Brian still managed to brush her (something even I have difficulty with) and play with her. I cannot think of a single thing Petmate could possibly do better, Brian is amazing and he runs a tight ship. Sincerely Ahmad Ramadan.

We arrived safely home last night and everyone seemed so well. The kitties were crazy happy to see us last night as was Gus so we had a lovely reunion with our beloved pets!!! Thank you SO much for the peace of mind knowing that you take wonderful care of everyone. We rely on your great service knowing that we can go away without worries about Gus, Chunks and Moe. Thanks again for everything that you do to make our trip that much enjoyable! Cheers! Alison Pinkerton

When I first met Brian I knew he had a reputable dog sitting and walking business. I also knew from some of his clients and from one of his former high school classmates that he is trustworthy and professional.

I contacted him at a desperate moment: my dog, Teddy was having a difficult time recovering after surgery and developed behavioural problems, including aggressivity. The vet and the obedience trainer had no answers/solutions for me at that point in time. With not too many expectations I contacted Brian. I found him humble and sincere when he told me that he can come to assess my dog, but he doesn’t have a formal training that will qualify him to deal with aggressive behaviours. I insisted, knowing that he has been walking extremely difficult dogs in my neighbourhood.

Brian came and meticulously asked questions about Teddy’s entire life history. He spent more than an hour collecting information that would help him create my dog’s profile in his mind and try to understand his behaviour. When he was sure that he covered the information, he met the dog. And believe me, Brian was talking Teddy’s language!

Felicia Iftene

We adopted our two cats from The Kingston Humane Society fourteen years ago. At the time, we asked our Vets. office staff if they could recommend a cat sitter and Brian Knapp of Petmate Homesitting was highly recommended. Brian has taken excellent care of our cats when we have been on holiday during the fourteen years we have employed him.

He was very thorough during his introductory visit while meeting the cats. He took detailed notes to ensure proper feeding and care of them. He also requested Vet. contacts, emergency contacts, etc. and he keeps a detailed file in his office of all this important information.

We will always remember how compassionate and caring Brian was in agreeing to look after our cats when we had to leave home on very short notice during family emergencies.

We have never had to worry about our cats or our property when we are away as Brian is extremely conscientious, hardworking and trustworthy. Since Brian looks after everything himself, we do not need to be concerned about different people coming and going from our home, when he cared for our pets.

For those who wish a restful, worry-free holiday or business trip, we have no hesitation in recommending Brian Knapp at Petmate Homesitting as the person to call to care for your cats and dogs.

G.B. and C.B.

We have been using Petmate for 20 years with a variety of pets. Brian will come in and walk, play and feed our dog either once a day or multiple times per day - whatever we need at the time. Currently we have one dog, but for many years Brian would handle our two dogs and they loved his coming in.

One of our previous dogs felt she was the 'alpha', and Brian was able to handle her with respect, and letting her 'save face' so that she knew he really was the 'alpha'! Brian also came in for a dog and cat we had before that. I know I don't have the words to recommend Brian highly enough. In order to have pets you need to have a trustworthy person to look after them when you do not feel it is in their best interest to take them with you. You also need that person to look after them in the way you do yourself.

Brian has these qualities and fulfills his role very well. We have appreciated Brian over the years, and will continue to love working with him to satisfy our dog now. Thank you Brian!

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Petmate Homesitting is located in Kingston, where we offer superior pet care, pet taxi, dog walking, and behavior training. We offer multiple pet discounts, no animal is too big or too small for Petmate Homesitting to handle.

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